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4th Quarter Market Report for 2022 is HERE!

You don't have to look for real estate headlines. Whether you get your news online, TV, or the paper there is a plethora of "data" telling us what is happening and where the market is going. Just like looking though numerous weather apps to find the forecast you want to see, you can do the same with real estate. There are so many "experts" telling us what is happening and what to expect. When we were getting into real estate it was taught that "all real estate is local". That couldn't be more true today. Locally we are seeing reduced listing activity which in turn is perpetuating the low inventory challenges that has affected our markets for years. Many factors can be contributing to this but many "would be" sellers are either holding onto low interest rates loans, fearful that there are few buyers, or nervous that their property value has gone done substantially. We can't predict what will happen with every property but the early January market has proven these concerns may not impact you. Weekend open houses have been very busy, many new buyers are coming into the market, and there are buyers that are qualified and ready to buy. With our first 2023 closing behind us and 4 properties under agreement with both buyers and sellers this indicates the market is still moving. If you have considered buying or selling, don't hesitate to contact us for a thorough and local review of what your goals are and how we can help you achieve them. The market report below is REAL data pulled directly from the multiple listing service (MLS).

4th Quarter Greater Boston Market Report