The First Quarter Real Estate Report is Live

The first quarter Greater Boston Real Estate Report is live

Frustration. That's what we are hearing from buyers. Surprise. This is what we are hearing from sellers. No matter what happens to rates the basic economic principles of supply and demand hold supreme. With more demand for homes locally, and few homes to choose from this Spring market has been competitive. The numbers show a slow start to the year with a delayed "Spring" market. It is possible that buyers and sellers alike were waiting for the weather to improve and hoping for interest rates to fall to improve selling and buying conditions. The weather has started to improve but rates are not yet moving as the economic data show stubborn inflationary numbers. Sellers and buyers have been waiting for a long time, some years, for conditions to improve. Marriages and divorces, expanding families, kids moving out, and aging households will never stop, so the need for people to move continues. 

1st Quarter Greater Boston Real Estate Report