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Welcome To

Ball Square, Somerville

An up-and-coming residential area close to Tufts University.

Welcome to Ball Square

An up-and-coming residential area close to Tufts University.
Ball Square is an up-and-coming residential area fit for young students and growing families. Locals expect a boom in population when construction finishes on the upcoming Green Line Extension of the MBTA service. 
Thanks to its close proximity to the acclaimed Tufts University, Ball Square has become a popular destination for many young folks. It resides on the line straddling Medford and Somerville.
If you’re planning a visit to Ball Square, make sure you find time to browse the aisles of refined wines and beers at Ball Square Fine Wines. It's a chic corner shop that sells liquor from around the world as well as local craft beers. 
For breakfast or brunch, Sounds Bites is an absolute must. As a Somerville institution, this unique eatery serves a mix of American cuisine and authentic Middle Eastern fare. This blending of flavors makes for some creative delicacies that expertly combine casual dining with gourmet. 
Sound Bites is one of the neighborhood’s draws. You can anticipate a long line if you're hoping to dine out for Sunday brunch. They've also enjoyed something of a casual rivalry with Ball Square Café.
Cater to your sweet tooth by visiting Lyndell's Bakery, one of the oldest retail bakeries in the country where they bake their cakes, pies, pastries, bread, and more from scratch. 
First opened in 1887, Lyndell's is considered to be the "Godfather" of all New England bakeries, so it’s an absolute must. They relish in crafting all of their goods and pastries the old-fashioned way, and you can genuinely tell the difference in every single bite.
Get the classic 1950s diner feel by eating at Kelly's Diner, constructed inside of a legitimate dining car. It was one of the largest diners in the 1950s, measuring in at 55 feet in length. 
Their menu is short and sweet, but you can rest assured everything is equally delicious. Kelly's has even been featured on the Food Network.
Depending on when you plan your move or visit Ball Square, you might be able to attend the massive culture and arts festival ArtBeat. More than a dozen dance troupes participate alongside numerous craft vendors and more.
Known for its trendy boutiques and cute cafés, Ball Square has plenty to do, but it also has an elementary school, which makes it a hotspot for families. 
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