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Central Square, Cambridge

A distinctive and desirable area for young professionals.

Welcome to Central Square


A distinctive and desirable area for young professionals.

Central Square is a culturally diverse hotspot that combines multiple neighboring areas into one trendy melting pot. Most people who live in this bustling area choose to because they want to be close to some of the many eccentric shops and artistically-inclined locations in town.
In the past, Central Square wasn't a hot destination, but it has grown and evolved over the years into a charming place to call home with a distinctive identity all its own.
If you're in Central Square, try visiting the Central Square Theater. It’s a state-of-the-art facility where two award-winning companies, The Nora Theatre Company and Underground Railway Theater, often perform and host events.
On special occasions, they invite other theater troupes to collaborate on special events. Annually, the theater puts on more than 200 performances and has over 20,000 patrons. They also offer numerous educational opportunities.
At night, The Middle East is the premier hotspot in Central Square. Opened in 1970, The Middle East is an entertainment complex with five different venues containing multiple live music and dining venues.
It’s a great venue for up-and-coming Boston rock bands. It first started as a Lebanese restaurant but has since evolved into an entertainment hotspot. Visit The Middle East for its great food, fantastic musical acts, and historical significance.
As the name suggests, The Mad Monkfish is a renowned sushi restaurant with unique fairytale-inspired plates and a wide variety of Asian specialties. Formerly called The Thelonious Monkfish, The Mad Monkfish serves up their personal interpretation of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine.
Chef Ginger's diverse menu reflects both gustatory tradition and more new and innovative customs. Thanks to its proximity to both MIT and Harvard University, The Mad Monkfish is a hot lunch spot for students.
For tapas, head to Pagu, a combination of Spanish and Japanese cuisine. The owners of Pagu aim to create a sense of homeyness with their unique culinary offerings inspired by their travels and experiences.
It has a very cozy atmosphere, with diners eating in a small dining room that creates a pleasurable and one-of-a-kind experience. Eating at Pagu is an experience you won't forget and one that is difficult to put into words. You'll need to see it to believe it—or should we say eat it.
Cambridge also hosts a yearly city-wide dance party
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